Quinn Gorbutt: The Time is Going to Pass Anyway

January 15, 2016February 20, 2016

Jacob Lewis Gallery is pleased to present The Time is Going to Pass Anyway, an exhibition of new photographs by Quinn Gorbutt. The exhibition will be on view January 15–February 20, 2016, with an opening reception January 14, 6-8pm. This is the artist’s first solo exhibition in New York City.

In his new body of black and white archival pigment prints, Gorbutt plays with the illusion of physical space and the inevitability of flatness inherent in the photographic medium. Using discarded materials found near his studio in Virginia, Gorbutt creates elaborate installations of wood, paint and collage that serve the sole purpose of being photographed. Text is embedded in the constructed landscape, present from the building materials themselves, penned by the artist, or borrowed from song lyrics. Using a combination of film photography and digital compositing, Gorbutt isolates areas of focus and stitches them back together to create these enigmatic, hyper-rendered images.

Gorbutt relates his practice to that of a puzzle maker, carefully crafting each element with deliberate precision, each move a response to the last. The viewer becomes the assembler, visually unpacking the puzzle from a singular vantage point, living through the puzzle maker’s decisions in real time. Influenced by the work of his mentor Abelardo Morell, Gorbutt plays with subtle optical illusions based on how our brain processes imagery through pre-existing notions of scale and space. The camera serves as a metaphor for a fixed state of mind. The work challenges the viewer to question the relative truth of each image and the limitations of the individual perspective.

Quinn Gorbutt was born in Arlington, TX in 1982 and grew up in Washington, D.C. He excelled in art in school, but did not consider it a career option. Upon graduating high school, Gorbutt worked at a Michaels Craft Store and began experimenting with emulsions and screenprinting in his spare time. He received a BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston in 2012 and an MFA from Yale University, New Haven, CT in 2015.

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