Vandalog Interviews Shepard Fairey

September 16, 2015

RJ Rushmoe of popular street art blog Vandalog sat down with Shepard Fairey to discuss art, politics, and his first exhibition at Jacob Lewis Gallery. When asked a question about his fame and notoriety, Fairey responded, "There are pros and cons to being known whether you call it famous or infamous, but I definitely try to leverage my higher profile to push socially conscious and sometimes provocative ideas." In the piece, Fairey sites the Dead Kennedy’s, Bob Marley, The Clash, Robbie Conal and Barbara Kruger as influences.

Fairey's hope is that, "In a general sense...that they will see that art can be appealing visually and deliver a message and that art can be valid in an ephemeral public forum as well as a more traditional art world setting. There is power in finding the best ways to navigate the needs of each platform. I began as an outsider and some would say I’m now an insider but I’ve maintained my outsider philosophy and my support for people who are marginalized or treated unjustly."