Six Questions About Art and Corruption with Shepard Fairey

September 15, 2015

Shepard Fairey was interviewed by Blackbook Magazine on his upcoming exhibition and his hope that his newest body of work sparks conversation surrounding campaign reform in the upcoming presidential election. On the topic, Fairey expounds, "I do [hope these works will spark conversation, as the 2016 elections heat up]. One of the most important ideas for me is to not only talk about the policy positions of the candidates, but the way in which the candidates campaign. They need to raise a huge amount of money and that’s where the need for campaign finance reform comes in."

The artist also explains why he has waited so long to return to New York for a solo exhibition. "I have been showing all over the world, I’ve had a full schedule of shows; and I did a print show with Pace Prints in 2012. But I was waiting for the right gallery, and Jacob Lewis finally got his established. I’m putting more time into each piece, it takes me longer to do the paintings – so I’m doing fewer shows with more work in each piece."