Shepard Fairey in The New York Times & T Magazine Blog

August 20, 2015

Jacob Lewis Gallery and Shepard Fairey were featured on the T Magazine blog. In the piece, Kurt McVey speaks with Fairey on his upcoming exhibition at the gallery, and how his work has grown in the years since his last solo painting exhibition in 2010. On his relationship with the gallery, Fairey says, "Jacob looks at every aspect of what the artist is doing, not just the genre, the price or how in fashion you are...If you look at the other artists he’s worked with, whether it’s Ryan McGinness or How and Nosm, they’re the only people doing what they do."

On the new body of work, McVey writes, "His process, upon closer inspection, has become considerably more complex. The paintings in 'On Our Hands,' built up in rich, densely collaged relief, continue to evoke Rauschenberg, but illustrate a confidence in deconstruction: not only of the numerous themes at hand, but also of the layers on the canvas itself, as surgically crafted positive and negative space breathe new life into the artist’s trademark graphic imagery. 'I’m hoping that people take the time to really soak in the work,' Fairey says. 'Each piece has a lot of history, a lot of energy, and tells a unique story.'"

A version of the post appeared in the August 23 edition of The New York Times on page 3 of the Sunday Styles section.