Shepard Fairey: How I’m Taking on Abuse of Power and Political Corruption in ‘On Our Hands’

September 28, 2015

The Daily Beast featured an article written by Shepard Fairey explaining his political activism through art making, dissecting the most recent body of work in On Our Hands at Jacob Lewis Gallery. His critique centers around the oil and gas industries, big business, the concept of Big Brother, and those who deny climate change. According to Fairey, his motivation to speak out about these issues is as much about being a parent as it is an artist and activist.

Fairey writes:

"My biggest concern as a father, artist, and citizen is corruption and abuse of power. Democracy is failing because the influence of corporations means that the average person’s needs are a much lower priority than that of major corporations, or oil and gas companies and their special interests. On Our Hands is my way of addressing these challenges and hopefully creating work that is compelling enough to inspire people to look at an issue they may not otherwise have cared about."

Read the full piece via the link below.