Shepard Fairey in Esquire

An interview with Shepard Fairey was featured in Esquire Magazine in which the artist discusses his MTV show Rebel Music, emerging talent, and his discontent with the current political situation.

For me, the idea of consistency, of signature elements wasn't consciously motivated by emulating musicians. It was based on the idea that, as an individual with limited resources, I could not do eighteen story murals when I started out. The impact of my work had to be based on a cumulative effect, and repetition works. I have made literally millions of OBEY stickers and put them around. It wasn't reliant on one individual piece being large-scale or a masterpiece. The Ramones put out a record every ten months. How prolific a lot of people were within punk rock, how it was about not overthinking it, that's a model that I've emulated. And I do think those instincts serve people well, especially when they're doing something that is a response to social variables happening around them. You do need to respond in the moment.