Review: Rina Banerjee in ARTnews

August 28, 2015

In her ARTnews review of "Rina Banerjee: Tropical Urban," Anne Doran writes:

Populating all the works were mutant creatures—part human, part animal, part deity—who projected a cosmopolitan air...Banerjee’s eye-popping sculptures, made from new, cheap, brightly colored materials, included the self-descriptive A Mad Woman, an Eternal Eve, a Monkey cheated leaped, from limb to limp in open air, curled a mischievous and bulbous melancholy in tail that sailed and with a single cough, a sudden drip, a curtain of bubbles, tears spilled to send land liquids, fertilizer, all fluid migrations leaking abroad and across (2012). In other words, belonging nowhere can also mean belonging everywhere.