Painted Oceans: Featuring Shepard Fairey and How and Nosm

Jacob Lewis Gallery artists Shepard Fairey and How and Nosm will join renowned street artists Tristan Eaton, Futura 2000 and The London Police for Painted Oceans, an exciting and ambitious project assembled by Eaton for summer 2016. The artists will live at sea for a month, painting murals on the historic Red Sands Sea Forts off the east coast of England. The execution of the mural will be chronicled in a new documentary, "Painted Oceans," directed by Pascal Franchot.

Eaton says, “Painting murals on the Red Sands Sea Forts pays homage to their beautiful history and almost gives them the parade they deserved, but never got, for their service. These forts are a timeless symbol of resistance. Whether fighting the tyranny of the Nazis during WWII, or fighting censorship in their Pirate Radio days in the '60s - they've always been on the frontline of defense against oppression. This makes them a perfect icon for the spirit of the Street Art & Graffiti movement, and I think it's important to share their story with a new generation.”

Painted Oceans will resurrect the Pirate Radio as a curated live stream, creating high definition satellite mapping of the forts, and live stream video and social media content. A kickstarter campaign to support the project will go live on January 26, 2016. Guidance from the Port of London Authority, local non-profit group Project Redsand and local engineering partners will ensure the safety of the participants. The project seeks to elevate the Red Sands Sea Forts onto Britain’s National Heritage List.

"We're probably gonna be working harder than normal just because we have Shepard Fairey on one side and How and Nosm on the other so you're gonna want to make yourself look good," says Eaton.