How and Nosm x Mana Contemporary

October 13, 2015

Twin street art duo How and Nosm have completed a large-scale mural in collaboration with Mana Contemporary in New Jersey, titled At The Center of It All. An event will be held at the location on Sunday, October 18, 2015. More details to follow.

Form the artists:

"At The Center of It All "explores themes that we feel are universally prevalent, using various visual cues and symbols: circular lines speak to the cyclical feel of everyday life, a car collision represents danger, aggression and violence while a figure trying to catch the big fish personifies greed, materialism, and narcissism.

By highlighting these common social ailments, we hope to draw on the shared human experience, question our approach to the pursuit of happiness, and ask what is really at the center of it all.

Art can be healing on a private level but can also extend beyond the limits of our inner psyche and connect people across social, economical, and political landscapes. By creating murals accessible to the public, we hope to give people a chance to pause, connect and find some relief and happiness, regardless of their background. Much like museums and art organizations, murals are not just here to beautify buildings but to serve their communities.