Matthew Weinstein: É Lobro

October 30, 2015

"É Lobro" is an original animation by artist Matthew Weinstein. In the piece, a narcissistic Koi fish is born out of a machine, powered by a giant clock. The fish swims, makeup intact, encountering obstacles that she systematically conquers. É Lobro, an anagram of Boleró, Maurice Ravel’s 1928 iconic modernist orchestral piece, was inspired by the composer’s psychosexual relationship to the mechanic.

By creating abstract narratives of lust, longing, greed, ambition and abjection within the medium of computer animation, Weinstein suggests that our seemingly rational machines may be far more insane than we are. In Weinstein’s words, “We open them up and drag out the fantasies and horrors that seem to be locked inside them.” The score of É Lobro was created in collaboration with musician Francis Harris, and is a musical anagram of Boleró, echoing the original piece.

"É Lobro" was the centerpiece of an exhibition of the same name October 30—December 23, 2015 at Jacob Lewis Gallery.

This is a 5:14 sample of the full 15:54 film. This video may not be downloaded or screened in public without the express permission of the artist and Jacob Lewis Gallery.