Matthew Weinstein: É Lobro

October 30, 2015December 23, 2015

As the new representing gallery of Matthew Weinstein, Jacob Lewis Gallery is pleased to present É Lobro, the artist’s inaugural exhibition with the gallery. The exhibition will be on view October 30–December 12 at 521 West 26th Street, with an opening reception Thursday, October 29, 6-8pm.

Matthew Weinstein is a multidisciplinary artist with a diverse background in theater, acting, painting, filmmaking, screenwriting, and design. His “animated cabarets” exist in a space between entertainment and art, what he terms, “culturally transgendered,” Weinstein’s video works are created using professional actors, musicians, and a small team of animators. An index of characters unfurl narratives in liquid motion within surreal environments, set to original scores.

The highlight of the exhibition is Weinstein’s original animation titled É Lobro. In the piece, a narcissistic Koi fish is born out of a machine, powered by a giant clock. The fish swims, makeup intact, encountering obstacles that she systematically conquers. É Lobro, an anagram of Boleró, Maurice Ravel’s 1928 iconic modernist orchestral piece, was inspired by the composer’s psychosexual relationship to the mechanic.

By creating abstract narratives of lust, longing, greed, ambition and abjection within the medium of computer animation, Weinstein suggests that our seemingly rational machines may be far more insane than we are. In Weinstein’s words, “We open them up and drag out the fantasies and horrors that seem to be locked inside them.” The score of É Lobro was created in collaboration with musician Francis Harris, and is a musical anagram of Boleró, echoing the original piece.

Two newly finished and highly polished bronze sculptures of fists adorn the room where the video projects. Aside from referring to the hands of the golden chauffeur in É Lobro, they also touch on the melding of the imaginary and the haptic that occurs in Weinstein’s work, where erotic potential is fulfilled by the act of the mind feeling imaginary surfaces. Also on display are a series of paintings depicting computer-generated lens flares, extracted from science fiction films. Painted in acrylic over polished and patinated sheets of aluminum, the flares reference to the purely optical; a simulation of authenticity. When isolated, they become empty images with an eternally delayed potential for meaning, an abstraction.

Matthew Weinstein was born in New York, NY in 1964, where he lives and works today. He received his Bachelors degree in Art History from Columbia University in 1987. After working as a writer and critic for several years, Weinstein took up painting and began to study 3D animation production. He has exhibition all over the world and his works are included in, but not limited to, the following public collections Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY, Nassau County Museum of Art, Roslyn, NY, The Sammlung Goetz Collection, Munich, Germany, Bavarian State Picture Collection, Munich, Germany, Denver Art Museum, Denver, CO, Addison Gallery of American at Phillips Academy, Andover, MA, Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich, Germany, Rubell Family Collection, Miami, FL, Sonnabend Collection, New York, NY, Elton John Collection, London, England.

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