How and Nosm: A Different Language

February 20, 2015April 4, 2015

Jacob Lewis Gallery is pleased to present A Different Language, an exhibition of new works on canvas by identical twins Raoul and Davide Perré, better known by the moniker How and Nosm. This is the artists’ inaugural exhibition with Jacob Lewis Gallery, on view from February 20—April 4, 2015, with an opening reception February 19, 6-8pm.

Intuition drives How and Nosm’s creative process, allowing their imagery to unfurl in a free and uninhibited way. Following the surrealist idea of blending the boundaries of dream and reality, the artists investigate the fantastical landscape of the unconscious in their work. Each piece creates a subtle story line as the figures contract and expand, revealing their own codes of meaning. “Each artist speaks his own language, a different language than his fellow artists, but one that can be learned,” says Davide Perré.

How and Nosm’s tessellating imagery osculates within impossible constructs of space, at once creating illusions of infinite depth then cut by moments of contradicting flatness. By restricting their tonal range, the artists are able to focus more intensely on the possibilities of the imagery. Collected from the twins’ many travels and cultural influences, the vivid imagery creates immersive layers of figures collapsing in on themselves, reminiscent of avant-garde cubist forms. This alien world of overwhelming detail becomes calming and familiar as overlapping contorted figures, faces, and animals are untangled. As put by Raoul Perré, “Once they learn our language they won't feel foreign anymore. The viewer becomes a part of our world.”

How and Nosm were born in the Basque Country of San Sebastián, Spain and grew up in Dusseldorf, Germany. The pair began experimenting with aerosol spray paint and tagging as teenagers. Upon moving to New York in 1999 they developed their signature style and a unique reputation for bold and highly detailed murals. Since then, the artists have been invited to execute large scale murals all over the world, including New York, NY; Lisbon, Portugal; Los Angeles, CA; Detroit, MI; Prague, Czech Republic; Stavanger, Norway, and Miami, FL. Their work is recognizable for its signature limited color palette and distinct visual language. The artists work together collaboratively on each piece using a combination of Cel-Vinyl paint, India ink, and aerosol spray paint.

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